There’s only one thing better than chocolate….

and that’s free chocolate!

I joined BzzAgent a few years ago but this is my first ever campaign for them.  I was sent two bars of the new Cadbury’s Dairy Milk flavours to try and then to tell the world about.  Well as you can see I thought I’d best take a photo before I consumed the lot lol.

What do I think of them?  I opened the biscuit version first and the bar is huge (200g) so I did manage to save some until my husband arrives home from work.  It is very very nice – I mean I love Dairy Milk and um, well I love biscuits too so it wasn’t a particular surprise that I’d like this bar. is it?

It will retail at around £2.25 per bar but Tesco will be doing them 2 for £3 until the 26th of September which is more the kind of price I’d pay for them personally.

I’ll let you know what we think of the popcorn one soon.

EDIT: Oh dear, seems my bzzing isn’t up to scratch – never mind.


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