October’s Bookshelf

Well first of all I must say that I loved The Scent of Lemon Leaves.  What a fabulous gripping book!  The characters were totally not what I was expecting at all.  Well worth a read.  I don’t want to go into too much detail as that would give away the plot but it has an unusual storyline.

As predicted I’m not quite finished with A Clash of Kings.  In fact I just passed the half way stage today!  Game of Thrones book 2 seems a bit more of a trudge to get through.  At this stage I’m really not sure if I can bring myself to read the third.  I certainly need a break from the Lannisters and Starks.

So on October’s bookshelf:

A Song of Ice and Fire (2) - A Clash of Kings (Reissue)


Cover the Mirrors

Hmmm, I bought this a couple of months back for £1.99 but since then it has shot up in price and got more negative reviews.  The blurb says “Cover The Mirrors is a dark and zesty historical novel of distorted truths and suppressed Victorian desires” so I’m going in with an open mind.  At any rate it’s only three spots long on my Kindle app so will be a welcome change to the tome of Thrones.

I did pick up two James Herbert books for 20p each last month.  I also heard that Stephen King is bringing out a prequel to The Shining so I might be having a bit of a horror marathon in November as I’ll need to re-read the original.



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