Lidl Green Tea With Vanilla and Some Cooking

Popped into Lidl yesterday so my husband could stock up on his favourite chocolate seashells.  We only shop there once in a while and I spotted some Green Tea with Vanilla which I thought was worth a try.

It is Lord Nelson brand.  Nope, I’d not heard of it either.  I’m not a huge fan of regular green tea to be honest but I really liked this.  The packaging is really naff though.  One to hide in the tea caddy!

It reminded me that I’d bought some Matcha Green Tea from Twinings to make some green tea cupcakes using a Hummingbird Bakery recipe as they looked a bit, err green and Halloweeney.  Turns out I also needed green tea teabags for the chocolate cake base so I got to use my new teabags too.  Unfortunately my Matcha wasn’t powdered (or particularly green) so I had to get the pestle and mortar out.  The frosting turned out a little grey as a result but they still looked great in Halloween cases from Asda – they came with cute matching bat picks – I also got to use my Wilton star piping nozzle and boy does that give great results for not much effort!

It seems I was on a bit of a cooking roll today as I also made some Ginger Beer and Tangerine Glaze Ham using a BBC Good Food recipe:

So so simple.  Pop the gammon join in a pan with a bottle of ginger beer and some fragrant spices and finish it off in the oven with a honey and mustard glaze.  Totally scrummy and I even went to the effort of using some left over slices for Welsh Rarebit for tea.


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