Christmas Gift Ideas – Under £30

Cute necklace from ASOS £16.00

Image 2 of Cath Kidston Exclusive To ASOS Tiny Star Necklace

I’d quite like to try on of the Korres fragrances myself, from Beauty Expert £23.49

White Tea Bergamot Freesia Eau de Toilette 50ml

For the OCD chef, from IWOOT £17.49

OCD Chef: Wooden Chopping Board

How about a pretty rag doll from M&S £25.00

Product Image

Angry Bird slippers from Next £14.00-£15.00

Desktop Jelly Belly Machine also from Next £30.00

A shiny vase from M&S £25.00

Product Image

Not forgetting the pets, on Amazon £15.26

SUCK UK Plane Cat Play House


Christmas Gift Ideas – under £10

I’m slowly getting there with Christmas this year.  I’m normally almost finished by now but I don’t seem to have much Christmas spirit just yet.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll only have my daughters list to worry about.

I thought I’d kick of a Christmas gift guide for those looking for some ideas.  Today’s is the under £10 selection.  Always worth shopping around to find the best deal/cashback offers once you’ve hit an idea to bring the price down further too!

Posh nibbles from La Bottega for £6.99

Amaretti di Saronno Gift Box

A substantial cookbook from The Book People £6.99

Jamie's Great Britain - 9780718156817

A book for girls from The Book People £6.39

Girls' Book - 9781905158799

Cute measuring cups from IWOOT £9.99

Matryoshka Measuring Cups

A not very festive zombie movie making set from IWOOT £7.99

Zombie Movie Making Kit

Retro jigsaw from IWOOT (again!) £5.99

Frosted Flakes Vintage Cereal Jigsaw Puzzle

Mini Cath Kidston washbag from ASOS bang on the £10 budget

Image 1 of Cath Kidston Cotton Cosmetic Bag


Autumn [Fall] Beauty Wish List

I’m a little late with my wish list – particularly as it’s more a list of what I have already bought oops.

Image 1 of Korres Showergel 250ml

I’m slowly working my way through all the Korres showergel flavours aren’t I?  There was a special offer on and I noticed the coconut version.  The packaging on mine is mainly blue and white rather than a coconut picture but it sure smells coconutty.  Can’t wait to use it.

I’m patiently waiting delivery of some OPI Black Spotted dupe type thing.  It’s not really a dupe as you need to do a few steps but the final effect looks spotted-a-like don’t you think?

I ordered the Snake Skin Assist gel that you apply over a base colour then use a dotting tool to create the spots before curing under a UV or LED lamp.  Sounds a bit of a faff doesn’t it?  I also had to purchase a full compliment of different sized dotting tools obviously but they were only £1 on eBay.

Talking of which I was on a roll and won a nail wheel full of tiny multicoloured rhinestones.  3600 of the shiny little blighters apparently but I’ve not counted.  Some have already escaped the packaging and pinged across the kitchen so less one or five of them.


November’s Bookshelf

I finished Clash of Kings aka GofT Book 2.  I’ve got another person in the office reading it now… I’ll definitely be having a break from Game of Thrones for a while.  There was a lot of what I’d call posturing.  Lots of description of who is who but not a great deal happens.  There were some small deviations from the TV series and characters that simply don’t exist in the TV GofT world that actually made a lot of sense.

As a complete deviation Cover The Mirrors was a little odd.  It would make a great BBC2 mini period drama but I will admit to not fully understanding where the lead character was coming from at times.  There is also a graphic scene of illegal abortion that I’m not sure was entirely needed.  Overall it was an okay book but I won’t be going out of my way to see what else the author has penned.

I forced myself to read something that’s been on my Kindle app from installation:

The Kindest Thing

I even went back on Amazon to remind myself what this was supposed to be about because the cover looked distinctly chic-lit and well average.  I was surprised it has 4-5* reviews and the subject matter is actually about a woman being imprisoned for assisting her terminally ill husband to commit suicide.  It was a wonderfully written book about a controversial issue.  This one really pulls at your heart-strings but don’t let that put you off at all.

I managed to squeeze in The Lost World:

The Lost World

I loved the cinematic version of this classic – totally my kind of film, even down to the plasticine dinosaurs – and always thought it was a Jules Verne book.  I was therefore even more intrigued that it was actually written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  I read the Complete Sherlock a few years back so I kind of knew I’d like this book and it didn’t disappoint.  Read it you love Journey to The Centre of The Earth and King Solomons Mines.  Best point is that they’re free on Kindle!

Over the past week I’ve been reading on of the James Herbert books I mentioned last month:


I enjoyed the first half but as I’m nearing the end it’s becoming increasingly more unbelievable?  I’m loving the main character (a private investigator) and his ‘dreams’ but the obviously suspicious suave and sophisticated Doctor I feel is a little to obvious.  Put it this way I’ve already guessed how it’d going to end.

Next up will be Ring of Lies:

Ring of Lies

I bought this on offer but it’s only gone up to £2 and has great reviews.  The blurb says it about the widow of an accountant getting involved with the Miami underworld.  It looks like a good summer read so I’m obviously hanker after another holiday.