Autumn [Fall] Beauty Wish List

I’m a little late with my wish list – particularly as it’s more a list of what I have already bought oops.

Image 1 of Korres Showergel 250ml

I’m slowly working my way through all the Korres showergel flavours aren’t I?  There was a special offer on and I noticed the coconut version.  The packaging on mine is mainly blue and white rather than a coconut picture but it sure smells coconutty.  Can’t wait to use it.

I’m patiently waiting delivery of some OPI Black Spotted dupe type thing.  It’s not really a dupe as you need to do a few steps but the final effect looks spotted-a-like don’t you think?

I ordered the Snake Skin Assist gel that you apply over a base colour then use a dotting tool to create the spots before curing under a UV or LED lamp.  Sounds a bit of a faff doesn’t it?  I also had to purchase a full compliment of different sized dotting tools obviously but they were only £1 on eBay.

Talking of which I was on a roll and won a nail wheel full of tiny multicoloured rhinestones.  3600 of the shiny little blighters apparently but I’ve not counted.  Some have already escaped the packaging and pinged across the kitchen so less one or five of them.



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