What have I been doing?

I suppose the biggest news is that I’m pregnant.  Baby 1008 is going to be a boy and is due in August although we’re under a lot of monitoring so if things aren’t going great then he could be coming out sooner rather than later.  Fingers crossed he can stay where he is until July at least.

I simply didn’t have the time or energy to keep up with my blog I’m afraid and made the decision to let it slide for a few months until I felt up to it.  I’ve finished work now and have bags of energy (at the moment) so I thought it about time to at least try to do a bit of a catch-up.

We’ve done a bit of work to the house and garden recently and still have some more nesting projects on the go… notably the full second-hand kitchen from eBay that is currently sitting in my conservatory and will eventually be moving into my utility room!

My husband got thoroughly sick of me going on about a Kindle and bought me one as a surprise Christmas gift so I’ve been doing lots of reading and I was given a new camera for Mothers Day this year so will be able to upload some more nail swatches for you all.

Plans for the blog over the coming weeks are:

1) Maternity Clothing

2) Deborah Lippmann Dupe Swatches

3) Water Decal Application

4) Book Reviews

5) Utility Units/Kitchen Rejig

6) Living Room, Study and Nursery Update

7) Pregnancy Skincare Regime

8) Baby: Basic Buys

9) Baby: Luxury List

Yes, I really do need a list or I will forget.


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