Baby: Luxury Buys

These are the non-essential baby bits.  Great to put on your list when 101 people ask what they should buy so you don’t end up with 101 sleepsuits (as useful as they are)!

Baby Sleeping Bags

There are hundreds of brands of sleeping bags for babies and we’ve tried quite a few.  Tesco, Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, Jo Jo Maman Bebe, Next and Slumbersac are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  There isn’t that much difference between them but sometimes the way they fasten is easier for one baby or parent than another.  They stop baby from kicking off the covers or wriggling too far under them but admittedly aren’t as cheap as a few cellular blankets.

We’re currently using one layer of this 3-in-1 sleeping bag from Jo Jo Maman Bebe as it has been very warm at night:


Leather crib shoes

Most crib shoes are pretty pointless and come off before you’ve even made it out of the door.  These leather crib shoes (Star Child, Dotty Fish, Inch Blue etc.) have enclosed elastic on the heel to grip on baby’s feet better and I’ve found the leather soles to have naturally less slip than socks when they start pulling themselves up and cruising around.

Oh, they are cute too.  Our son is currently sporting these by Dotty Fish:

Amazon around £6.99

We have some pewter ‘sandal’ style ones in the next size up that my daughter used as a baby too.  I have run those through the washing machine and whilst it’s probably not recommended they came out okay.  Better than having poo on them anyway.

Reusable nappies

I’m not a 100% cloth user but we’re not far off at the minute.  A friend passed on some Tots Bots V3 and the are currently our favourites for fit and absorbency.  Okay, they have pretty great patterns as well.

Around £16.99 but 3 for 2 in Boots currently.  Tots Bots have just launched a newer version and Real Nappy Week offers have I think wiped out the stocks of these in most other places.  Jack and the beanstalk always puts a smile on my face.

There is a wealth of information here if you are thinking about giving reusuable nappies a whirl apparently just using one reusable saves 900 disposables from being sent to landfill.

Baby blanket

I mainly used a Wallaboo Nore in the car seat:


And a Wallaboo Arctic footmuff in the carrycot and pushchair:


Both do away with the need for coats and blankets and can easily be opened up when you bring baby back inside and you don’t want them to overheat or wake them up.



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