Summer 2014 Fashion Wish List

I’ve rejoined Pinterest lately and have bucket loads of pinspiration so I’ll mainly be shopping my closet this summer (hopefully).  Being a SAHM at the moment I’m looking for a casual mix-and-match capsule wardrobe.

The jeans

In a word “boyfriend”.  Slim or loose fitting but always, always rolled up.  I find the jean brand South fit me really well.  Littlewoods/Very catalogues stock the brand but no longer sell the style that I have.  You may be able to pick some ‘Katie’ boyfriend jeans up on eBay.  I have them in two sizes, in different washes and with distressed or destroyed detailing:

Saying that, I’m often seen pulling on a pair of bootcut jeans with boots durrr (if it’s raining) or chunky wedge heels.  Slim fitting to the knees and a super long leg length give more of a summer of love vibe instead of a frumptastic one.  Again I prefer the South brand ‘Mason’ bootcut or ‘Kitty’ kickflare – the bonus being you can pick them up really cheaply in the sales so I have quite a stash of different washes.

Dressed up:


Or dressed down:


You can’t go wrong with a stripe tshirt can you?

The textured top

I appreciated that I’m way behind the trendsetters with this one.  I’ve already been rocking the fine knit sweater over shirt combo that is all over the place and fancy trying a shirt under this lighter crepe top I picked up on eBay:


It’s a bit too tunic length on me though and doesn’t sit right unless it’s tucked in.  Perhaps I should cut the bottom off and re-hem (well wonderweb would be ideal for this project wouldn’t it)?  That would nudge me towards the current trend for cropped tops but as I can choose the length I can decide how age-appropriate it will look!

The basic tshirt

Slightly loose fitting, fine knit jersey (but not so fine that you have major visible bra issues).  I struck it lucky with this from H&M and so cheap at £6.99 that I’m considering another colourway:

The sundress

Over the past few years I’ve managed to pick up some simple cotton knee length 1950’s style sun dresses from Primark.  They wash and iron really well plus the bodice is fitted enough for me to go without a bra.  Being a fairly classic style they can be stored out of season and brought out again each year for the too short British summer.

Throw on a skinny fitting twin-set style cardigan or more formal blazer for those chillier days.

The midi skirt

Hmmm, printed or plain, full or pencil style.  I’ve seen hundreds that would fit the bill but know there will be only a set number of summer days in which to wear them…

I guess the sundresses fulfills the brief for a fuller skirt, and the floral, so maybe I should be looking for a pencil or tube (I think the difference is just that the latter is stretchy) style. Geometric or possibly animal print and fairly neutral.

Topshop (not technically floral)

Bang On Trend (nope, I’ve never heard of them either but bargain prices)

Although… hubba hubba…

River Island but strikes me as being really sweaty if it is warm ditto neoprene.

The shoe

There seems so much choice every year and nothing really seems to go out of fashion at the moment does it?  I mean we’re still seeing gladiator sandals on the high street and even trainers are having a resurgence on fashion blogs and I wore those the first time around at college!

I adore the look of boyfriend jeans with stiletto court shoes but could I do a brisk 20 minute walk on the school run in them – err no, even using the pushchair as a zimmer frame.  I’ll be sticking with my normal wedges and flats.  My tan ones seem to go with everything but I would like something to change it up a bit:


They are reminiscent of a pair of beloved silver sandals I wore as a bridesmaid when I was a child.  Thankfully the hideous white polyester floral bonnet I also wore has yet to come back in fashion…




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