Summer Wishlist Update

Yay, I managed to bag the Topshop midi skirt in the summer sales.  I actually like it more in the flesh as I was a little worried it might be too pale but it is a more flattering oyster tone.  An incredibly versatile colour and pattern actually with many red through to orange tones and grey through to black.  There is even a tiny hint of lime green in there.  It goes with an awful lot of my wardrobe and I can see me wearing this in autumn with a charcoal skinny roll neck sweater or fitted black cardigan too.

Topshop Midi

Unfortunately I do need some shoes to go with all of these planned outfits…. Step in Clarks sale!  I’m patiently (well not really) waiting in for my delivery right now.  I did try some on in store but unfortunately having titchy feet means store stock is equally titchy so I had to try on some larger sizes to gauge whether to go down a full or half size.  I want a court shoe with a comfortable and chunky heel:


Hopefully there will be a good one in that lot.

On the off-chance of my usual jeans I had a look in the Very sale and thought I’d take a punt on some super reduced ‘slim leg’ jeans to wear rolled up as slim boyfriend jeans.  I got them this morning and although they aren’t super slim they are great straight leg jeans.  Quite pleased I got these for under £7.


South Slim Leg Jeans

I was not looking for a coat at all but spotted this duster coat in store and it called to me to just try it on:

Black Mix Graphic Duster Coat

Marks and Spencer Duster Coat

Another walk-by:

Tropical Floral Maxi Dress

Oasis Maxi

A super fit with the floaty top half and elasticated waist. So really the plan of me just shopping my wardrobe didn’t work quite so well as I planned. Oops.


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