Summer Wishlist Update

Yay, I managed to bag the Topshop midi skirt in the summer sales.  I actually like it more in the flesh as I was a little worried it might be too pale but it is a more flattering oyster tone.  An incredibly versatile colour and pattern actually with many red through to orange tones and grey through to black.  There is even a tiny hint of lime green in there.  It goes with an awful lot of my wardrobe and I can see me wearing this in autumn with a charcoal skinny roll neck sweater or fitted black cardigan too.

Topshop Midi

Unfortunately I do need some shoes to go with all of these planned outfits…. Step in Clarks sale!  I’m patiently (well not really) waiting in for my delivery right now.  I did try some on in store but unfortunately having titchy feet means store stock is equally titchy so I had to try on some larger sizes to gauge whether to go down a full or half size.  I want a court shoe with a comfortable and chunky heel:


Hopefully there will be a good one in that lot.

On the off-chance of my usual jeans I had a look in the Very sale and thought I’d take a punt on some super reduced ‘slim leg’ jeans to wear rolled up as slim boyfriend jeans.  I got them this morning and although they aren’t super slim they are great straight leg jeans.  Quite pleased I got these for under £7.


South Slim Leg Jeans

I was not looking for a coat at all but spotted this duster coat in store and it called to me to just try it on:

Black Mix Graphic Duster Coat

Marks and Spencer Duster Coat

Another walk-by:

Tropical Floral Maxi Dress

Oasis Maxi

A super fit with the floaty top half and elasticated waist. So really the plan of me just shopping my wardrobe didn’t work quite so well as I planned. Oops.


1008 Hollywalk Park – Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

1008 Hollywalk Park - Maternity Capsule
Being pregnant does seriously limit your wardrobe choices but this can be liberating!  I really enjoyed having a carefully curated selection of outfits and clothes that I could mix and match so I have decided to share a similar capsule wardrobe here.  My advice would be to stick to a fairly minimal colour pallet.
In fact, I felt my capsule wardrobe was so successful I’m trying to implement it in my non-maternity wardrobe now.  I’ll keep you updated as to how I get on with that.

Strike 1 – Wedge Hi Tops

I’ve been looking around the net for a cheaper alternative to the Ash wedge hi tops I posted on my autumn fashion wish list and could only find alternatives that weren’t quite what I was after for around £50-£60 i.e. what I would pay for classic ankle boots rather than one-season fashion wonders.

I popped into Matalan to buy a helium balloon (which they no longer stock) and came across these beauties for £22:


Don’t you just love it when that happens?

I can’t find them online unfortunately so I think they must be brand new in.

They’re very similar to Ash Bea in Prune:

Apart from the price obviously, and the fact they aren’t leather but I can live with that I think!

Matalan did have this pair online that I would have been torn over if they’d had both in store:

Hi Top Wedge Heel Boots

£22 again.  Not sure I like the white laces but at that price I could afford some new ones couldn’t I?

I also bought a set of underwear from eBay (don’t worry it was new with tags) so my budget now stands at….£200

Autumn [Fall] Fashion Wish List 2012

Casual Boots:

I always buy a new pair of boots each year and I’m fancying a pair of Ash Bowie wedge trainers to wear with jeans (skinny and bootcut/skinny flare) this year. I’ve been inspired by Doesmybumlook40’s Blog, despite the fact her legs look twice as long as mine (and her budget is probably twice mine too), so I may try these and think “nah, maybe not”. I was a bit worried that my wedge hating husband would laugh his socks off at these but I showed him a pair and he said they were okay (which is as much as he gets to saying shoes are nice unless they are ultra sexy and not remotely practical for doing a weekly food shop).  I’ll be looking for a much cheaper alternative though!


I have already had a pair of these wool tights by Levante and I love how warm and toasty they keep me.  The mocha colourway is actually more of a taupe and matches some Kurt Geiger patent shoes I have perfectly.  I’ve managed to pick up two pairs of bog standard opaques from George at Asda – one is purple/black reversible and the other is brown/black reversible.

Grey Dress:

The grey dress by Great Plains isn’t necessarily ‘the one’ but I do like the tone of the whole outfit so I’ve put it in more for inspiration. I’ve had a grey dress in the past and I’m not sure why but I rarely felt comfortable wearing it so again I’m not looking to spend too much on this item either.

A Splash of Colour:

Orange Textured Knit Sweater

I’ve been very tempted by this orange jumper from Wallis a couple of times but I just know I’ll be able to stack codes sometime between now and Christmas so fingers crossed I’ll be able to bag it at a bargain price. I’ve seen a lot of red and orange around for winter so this will fill that colour space perfectly (not that I don’t already have an orange blouse (again by Wallis) of course!

A Pattern to Tie It All Together:

Monochrome Snakeskin Print Scarf

The scarf shouldn’t really be on my wish list because I’ve already bought it (typically it’s now in the sale).  It is actually a mix of orange, khaki, black, chocolate and blush and has given me a great accessory to build my Autumn wardrobe around.

I also need some new undies and also some plain t’s or vests for layering and warmth.

Whilst we’re on the subject of seasonal fashion, I’ve been thinking about having a fall fashion budget after an article on Basic Cravings Blog piqued my interest. I’ve always tended to think of having more of a monthly fashion budget and I’ve tried reducing this, which worked for a while and then I had a binge, so thought I might just give a season budget a go and see if it saves me any money? So, I suppose I’d better write down my budget in black and white? I can always come back later and change it without anyone noticing right?

Okay then….drum roll please….my budget for Fall 2012 is….


– £20 for the scarf = £230 current amount available for fashion spending.  I am hoping to spend a little less but don’t want to set an unreasonably low budget and give up too early.

Summer Fashion / Holiday Wish List 2012

As the weather has been spectacularly bad again in the UK this summer I’m concentrating on buying things for my holidays in Orlando later this year.

I already managed to find an item on my summer wish list last weekend.  I was after a new sun hat and struck lucky with not just one but two hats in H&M sale.  They are a great size for people with small heads – seriously I was trying on kids hats in Next and Matalan and one in Matalan was actually too big.

I’ve just ordered some Teva walking sandals for trekking around Disney.  I had some Teva’s last time I went (um, 20 years ago) but I couldn’t remember the sizing.  I hope they fit:

They look pretty comfortable and not too ‘old lady’.  Or maybe I’m just kidding myself?  The joys of having tiny sized feet mean I can often get some great bargains so they only cost £10 from M and M Direct.  If they don’t work out I might check out Clarks but for walking sandals they tend to border even more on the side of ‘old lady’ that most.

Clothes wise I’m loving Great Plains sale at the moment but to be fair I have dresses that I bought in the sales last year that I never got to wear because of the poor summer weather.  I did buy this one that is suitable for work wear afterwards:

dandelion dreams wrap dress

I also have two pairs of linen trousers (one silver grey and one white) so I’ll be channelling a White Company vibe with my Minnie Mouse ears…

So not much of a wish list is it?  Sorry if you came here looking for inspiration, I promise to do better for Autumn/Winter.

Roses are… pink!


Wild Rose Body Oil Weleda 100ml, £16
OPI Nail Polish Japanese Rose Garden 15 ml, £7.85
Fentimans Rose Lemonade 750ml, £2.98

I love anything with a rose smell or taste and I’ve put together a polyvore set with some of my favourites (or things I’d like to try that I’m sure would quickly become my favourite!). 

I am very happy that so many other people obviously liked Twinings Rose Garden Tea enough that it’s no longer a limited edition.  In fact I’ve tried an awful lot of Twinings tea and would recommend you try their White Tea with Pomegranate or one of the African Honeybush range too.

I also have a lot of OPI nail polishes and the JRG is a lovely vintage shade of pink.

The rose body oil by Weleda has been on my beauty wish list for a while but it also seems to be one of their most expensive body oils boo.  I think I’ll do a beauty wish list post next…